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What do I need to get started?

You can begin kendo practice in standard exercise clothing that is loose enough not to bind the shoulders; but, not loose enough to fall to the floor and get underfoot.

You should plan on purchasing a kendō keiko-gi {blouse} and kendō hakama {pants} during your first quarter of study. Kyu wear single weave, white keiko-gi; Dan wear
single weave, blue or indigo keiko-gi. Double or triple weaves gi
are not recommended to wear in Arizona.

While sewn from a similar woven fabric, kendo and judō keiko-ki differ in the amount of re-inforced stiching across the front. Kendō and aikidō hakama differ in the height of the koshiita: kendo higher, aikido lower.

While it is certainly acceptable to buy used clothing, care should be taken
to purchase kendō correct items.

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